RFI: SIG M17 RDS/Light Holster Options

Looking for some info on solid duty holsters for an M17 with RMR and X300. For the love of god Safariland’s numbering conventions confuse the hell out of me. For those out there running a similar (320 Rx Full w/ Light) lemme know what you are using for duty holsters. Level 2/3 retention good, and the QLS forks better so I can move between flight gear and my belt on a mid ride. Thanks for the help.

Bonus if you can tell me where to snag one. Cheers


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If you use Safariland’s holster finder function on their website with the inputs for that setup it returns 22 results that are all compatible with different combinations of SLS/ALS, optic hoods, and attachment methods - though they should all be compatible with the QLS system. In addition to Safariland themselves, Tier 1 Concealed and Red Hill Tactical also make level 2 retention holsters for P320s with RDS and WML and are both compatible with the QLS system