RFI pvs15 w/dovetail mount on USGI Rhino 1

Needing some help here, hopefully that won’t break the bank. I’ll try and explain, as I’m not very night vision-savvy.

my team (LE) has had pvs7s for years, with the horn/bayonet mount that interfaces with our Norotos Gen 1 rhino mounts. We just (finally) got pvs15s off a leasing program. What we didn’t realize or take into account was the pvs15s use a dovetail mount that aren’t compatible with our old rhino mounts.
Is anyone aware of a retrofit for the Gen 1 Norotos rhino to adapt it to a dovetail mount? We’re trying not the break the bank, as we don’t have piles of money in the nvg budget (hence, leasing them).
We did see a discontinued and out of stock Mod Armory adapter, which doesn’t appear to be available anymore. Any other ideas?
Here is a video from Earl An on how to convert Rhino mounts to dovetail. I’ve done it myself using this video as a guide. Works as advertised.

Thanks for thr responses, but the have the Rhino 1s, these are both Rhino 2s. The arms are different that the dovetail or horn mounts slide on.


I've done a lock of hacking of systems and I don't see any way around getting new mounts with the stuff you have on hand.

Dunno your state but bug whoever coordinates 1033 stuff and see if they have a way to get some cheap or free?

If you have to buy, get (or borrow even) ONE first. I've also run into different NODs fitting so different they demand more adjustment range (the original Rhino is very limited) or even height issues making the old shroud locations not very useful when you upgrade. You might end up needing to move those or change helmets, and don't want to commit too fast to ANY equipment if it'll cause yet more costs.