RFI: NVG Repair


Greetings all.

Any recommendations for a reputable NVG repair shop? I have two sets of PVS 14's one works and one does not. I would like to have PM done on the working set and have the other one repaired. No idea what is wrong with it, what I know is that it doesn't turn on.

Thanks in advance.


I used Mod Armory and they did a great job. Sent 16 pvs14’s to them for repair and/or maintenance. Once complete they paired them all together using whatever voodoo they use to figure out which ones play the best with each other and bridged them to make binos.


I have also used Ed Wilcox for repair of my goggles, solid guy.

I have also done business with Mod Armory (sales only) and never had any issues with them.