RFI: Indoor range evaluating for ricochet danger

My duties require me to operate a 90m 3 lane indoor flat range.
Recently I have been approached by a co-worker concerned with potential ricochet danger.
There are "signs" of ricochets and that is why I come asking for help.
So I don't know what I don't know and I need your help determining the path to evaluate the facility and recommend upgrades for safety.


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What type of backstop do you have? Horizontal steel louvers with a rubber spall curtain? Granulated rubber? Steel/total containment trap system?

How old is your range? How often is it serviced and the lead mined from the backstop?

What "signs" of ricochets are you experiencing?



Are targets always at the 90 meter mark, or do they get placed in the mid- range? Mid range targets produce significant ricochet problems....

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These are all good questions that have been asked. One thing you might also want to include are the signs of ricochets. Going off of one of the other questions on target placement, some of the signs could be errant shots to the right/left/up/down based on target set-up.