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Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by RMRshooter, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. RMRshooter

    RMRshooter Newbie

    I have never purchased reman ammo before, but I'm thinking about buying some for pistol training. Does anyone here use reman ammo for training? If so, which brands/companies? I've been looking into freedmen munitions and Great Lakes ammo, but I'm welcome to suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Naveronski

    Naveronski Amateur

    I've used ~2k 147gr 9mm GL ammo with no issues.

    I've used ~4k 5.56/.223 Freedom. I had several rounds with struck primes that failed to fire. I didn't keep track with numbers while I was using it, unfortunately. At the price I paid, it's fine for training, but I wouldn't use it for anything more.
  3. CameronBenz

    CameronBenz Newbie

    I had 2 squibs in the first 500 rounds of Freedom Munitions 115gr 9mm. I ceased using it at that point.

    The only remanufactured ammo I will use, at present, is the blue box Black Hills and it isn't even cheap. I may find others eventually but that is where I'm at presently.
  4. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    I've done about 2K rounds of 9 and 1K of 5.56 from Freedom with one bad primer in the 9.
    Found it before it got loaded in a mag. Also done about 1K 9 from Titan ammo here in Reno with no issues.
  5. Freedom Forged

    Freedom Forged Regular Member

  6. Freedom Forged

    Freedom Forged Regular Member

    Personally I'm done with Freedom. I tried to talk with tech support which is advertised on their site. It was like trying to talk with the man behind the curtain or the Dalai Lama, wasn't happening. So after 3 rounds of he said/she said, I told the lady on the phone to forget it, I'd call Stand 1 Armory and did. Pulled the Freedom Munitions sticker off my range ammo can and moved on.... I'm sure the loss of my business won't matter to them but good customer service matters to me. Your experience may be better IDK.
  7. DocGKR

    DocGKR Dr.Ballistics Moderator

    The only remanufactured ammo I would ever consider using is Black Hills.
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  8. Tyler Houston

    Tyler Houston Newbie

    Have you shot the Stand 1 armory 9mm ammo? I have some of their 147 gr -P "chubbies" rounds coming in. Was looking to hear other peoples impressions.
  9. Imperial_WTI

    Imperial_WTI Newbie

    Honestly, with the competitive prices on new ammo from sources like, it's hard to find a situation where I would use reman over new for 9mm for range and class. That being said, I've put about 1500 rounds of 9mm 115 gr. from Stand1 through my Glock, and had only 1 issue from my sample size (stovepipe). From my experience, compared to the other reman offerings I have used (Minuteman, Freedom, Orr Tactical), it seemed to be the cleanest and best performing round in my opinion out of those options.
  10. Tyler Houston

    Tyler Houston Newbie

    Yeah I plan on using the chubbies strictly for competition purposes. I've found for other range ammo and training purposes that LAX ammo factory new stuff is great and still pretty cheap.
  11. Dave_Thomas

    Dave_Thomas Amateur

    I'll not use anything from Freedom Munitions. I know of 3 personal friends who have all had firearms blow up (OoB detonations, overcharges, etc) to ever trust anything they offer. not to mention my own experience where the bullet literally fell out of the case due to lack of neck tension/crimp.

    As Imperial said, a little searching for places like, SGammo, etc will yield great results. When you can find S&B 115 9mm for less than $10/50, thats hard to beat for range/plinking/classes.
  12. Wake27

    Wake27 Amateur

    I had about five .223 rounds keyholing at 100m last summer with freedom reman. Also had a really sketchy 9mm round. It looked like they fused together two cases that had been cut in half. I still have several hundred rounds to blow through, but I won't buy from them any more, especially not with the current market.

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