Reload Shooting Facilty

Will Brink

I was given a tour of the new Reload facility in Tarpon Springs FL, and was really impressed. It's not open yet, but looked close to finishing, so the Spring 2016 opening date seems plausible from what I saw. The "numbers" and drawings don't do it justice I can tell you. If a high end Vegas Hotel and Home Depot had a baby, it would look like Reload.

I don't know if it will be the largest indoor range in the US, but I suspect it will be easily one of the nicest, with 100 yard indoor range, range rated for .50BMG,(!!!) and a simulator usually found in a handful of fed agencies who can afford them.

A gent I took a class with a while back, Michael "Doc" Hewett (member of this forum BTW), will be the Range Master, and he's looking to employ a wide range of stuff that will make shooters happy beyond the typical facility. It has win written all over it. I suspect people will come from long distances to get to it once operational. I'll post more as things develop. Below is web page and FB pages, but neither gives you the true wow factor of the place you get in person.