Red Dot on AR9


hey all, I am looking to get an inexpensive red dot for my newly built AR9. budget is $200-$400. these are the options I am considering, let me know if I missed a good one or thoughts on these options: HOLOSUN - HS403C, SIG ROMEO5XDR, HOLOSUN - HS503CU, Crimson Trace CTS-1000, Vortex Sparc 2, HOLOSUN - HE503CU ELITE, HOLOSUN - HS515CM, HOLOSUN - HS512C
While I'm biased due to geography, Vortex does have a lifetime warranty. Their Sparc AR has good reviews from Sage Dynamics. They have a Crossfire Red Dot as well, but I'm not sure how robust it is.


I went with the holosun 510c on my budget ar9 setup. The dot has performed superbly thus far. I am a HUGE Eotech fan and this dot enabled me to have a similar looking reticle.