Recommend A Spotting Scope

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Not using it for hunting. My uses would be observing target hits out to 300-400 yards. As far as budget lets say 200-500 . I can't justify a 1500.00 scope.
Thanks, David


Are you sure a good pair of bino's wouldn't be a better option? If that's all the farther you're wanting to see hits, a good set and appropriate targets (shoot n' see) or appropriately colored targets may be all you need.

We had some hand-me-down spotter scopes in the range you gave for our team. They did little more than collect dust as the weight/bulk, narrow view, touchiness and poor, grainy image offered next to nothing and was not sharp enough to track hits on paper much past was maybe good for reading license plates 600y and in....if you could steady it enough.

I will unashamedly admit that I've never been afraid to spend stupid money on optics and have broken my own record and got into the $4k+ realm a few times. That said, I also have not been able to justify a $1500+ spotting scope for what I do. Better weapon optics, better LRF, better bino's are all things I get my good out of. Were I in a different environment observing and shooting greater distances, I might say otherwise.

food for thought