Recent Attack And Response

Your failure was trying to do someone else's job. It is not your job to control patrons at a music venue, that is up to venue security. You admittedly engaged with someone who had impaired faculties, so no matter how "nicely" you told him to knock it off he would have taken it as you being an ass and trying to ruin his night. Him charging you could have been him just trying to start a pit mosh because he's a drunk idiot. Wrist lock was mistake number two, now in his eyes you've attacked him. If you felt that he was being a nuisance you should have alerted security.
My profession allows me to be one of the few people allowed with knives at venues like that and I would never had placed myself in that situation.
Truth. One of my instructors recently said “Do not attempt to force your norms, rules, politics, or etchics onto others, it generally does not end well”.

I agree, doing so is a good way to get into a fight, at least.