Raw diets- not recommended

I'm not sure I would agree wi feeding kibble to your K9. Raw coupled with a multivitamin or similar regiment seems to work very well for my K9. My dog is 4 yrs old and has been on raw since a puppy. He started on chickens (feathers and all) and now has frozen raw every day.

The frozen concept allows him to gnaw at the raw and it takes the tarter off his teeth.

Different strokes for different folks.
Our K9 regional training group is mixed. Some do raw some do kibble, trending away from raw.

I had a personal GSD on raw that died from cancer at 6. Another handler's partner died from cancer at 5 and he was also on raw. Raw doesn't cause cancer but it isnt the magic diet that fixes GSD ailments that some people sell it as either.

My partner's on kibble with no negatives to report. Energy is ridiculous (that's just him) coat is great, poop's solid and consistent etc. Not all kibble is equal, there are a number of resources that rate their quality.