Ranges in Southern Wisconsin

Hello. I am moving to Wisconsin (western Milwaukee) next week and am in search of a good range to shoot/compete. The ones I have found close to me are indoors, or fuddy (no holster drawing, not shouldering braces, 1 shot per second). I would prefer to go to an outdoor range because I shoot black powder often and an hourly range fee isn't conducive to doing that, if I can even shoot that indoors. Is anyone familiar with USPSA or other competitions in the area as well? I was only able to find one remotely close to Milwaukee on Practiscore. Thanks.
I'm in Dane County and have encountered the same problems. Most facilities around here in my experience aren't well suited to tactical/practical training outside of actual competitions and there are often older members that turn up their noses at you if you express interest.

I have heard good things about the events Ripon puts on. Winnequah Gun Club in Lodi seems the most promising to me, but as far as I'm aware they haven't been accepting new members for a while. That would be a bit of a haul for you but it could be manageable on weekends.