Ranges/Gun Shops in San Antonio, TX

Looking for Range and/or Gun Shop recommendations in the San Antonio/Bulverde/Spring Branch area.
Regarding the San Antonio Area:

Adelbridge firearms and Dury's are the only decent shops around here IMO. Adelbridge has the only great rifle selection in town (saw a Hodge there recently, and they regularly carry KAC stuff), but their handgun pricing is pretty crappy (used handguns are sold at new pricing, new handguns have a premium attached to them)

Dury's is a mixed bag. Selection is good, customer service is goddamn unbeatable, but the pricing is horrible.
What you get in return for their pricing, however, is a lifetime warranty on anything they sell. For instance, my dipshit brother bought a kel tec PF9 from them, and proceeded to sheer the locking block from the barrel. Dury's sent the busted gun back to kel tec and issued him a replacement pistol while they handled the warranty work on the busted gat.

As far as ranges go, "A place to shoot" is my go to for standard rifle range/pistol range. Lanes are cheap w/ good customer service, and they actually have a decent shop with decent pricing. Major con is that there's no rapid fire allowed.

"The bullet hole" is good for one thing: their private bays. They're the only game in town if you want to shoot in your own area.
$18 gets you two hours in your own bay with basically no restrictions on how you conduct yourself (as long as youre safe, obviously). Four or five years ago, I absolutely refused to shoot there because of the way staff conducted themselves, but recently staff attitude has been fine.

EDIT: I also remember liking Ranger Firearms, but I havent been there in a while


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Former employee of Nagels. Mr Nagel passed away this year. While he was alive, great for older classics, not so much the rest. His son took over. For the last 15 yrs, employees at least weekly asked Mr Nagel quite seriously for permission to give his son a dirt nap....

That should tell you what you need to know.
Agree on Durys. All S.A ranges suck except Blackhawk, but that charges per gun. The new indoor range chain is quite nice, but no holster work.
Mission Ridge Range is about 2 years old now. 100yd indoor rifle range(air conditioned in texas is good) , NFA allowed, and staff is ok. Huge selection of modern stuff and gear. Draw from holster/concealed is ok once you demonstrate to RO that you are safe. Two 25yd pistol/carbine ranges as well as archery . off the 1604/north west military near camp Bullis..