Range side berm construction ideas


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Posted this on P&S Off Topic FB Group. I want to post it here as a better place to store the info.

Our range is wanting to expand. Unfortunately most of the people have no vision or the ability to think outside the box. Since we have such a huge crowd here what I am looking for is ideals for side berms and such besides dirt.
Ideally pics of your local ranges that you go to would be nice. off the top of my head I'm thinking Hesco barriers (if we can get them), large concrete eco blocks 2x2x6 or I think they make some 3x3x6 ones etc.


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Hescos are dirt and leave a gap in between unless you go multiple layer thick. Bricks degrade over time and do not guarantee ballistic protection.

Not the answer you wanted to hear but dirt is preferred medium.


Those look very similar to what we used to call Texas or Alaska barriers (the larger cousin of jersey barriers).

Hope that helps find something similar if that is the direction you go.
I don't know if they use special materials in those cement walls but the look just like bunker silo walls that livestock farmers have been using forever.

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