Quality Rifle Options


Ok, I'm late to the game, but I saw one recommendation for a Savage Model 10. I have to say I'd stay away from Savage. Their quality control seems to be suspect, at least recently. Frank Galli has been talking recently about having Savages going down in his classes. Also, my Model 10 had a really weak ejector spring and I had to spend a bit of money on aftermarket fixes to get it running mostly reliably. Third, the trigger is decent, but not reliable. When I was using it as a match gun it was not uncommon for it to slip the sear and be dead, causing me to have to recock the bolt and try again. It seemed to be an issue with sideways pressure on the trigger. I've noticed it with other shooters' Savages as well. They generally are accurate, but there is a lot more to a rifle than accuracy.

For the lower price points I think most people have covered the best options already. Bergara, Tikka, Ruger Precision Rifle.

Yes, I know my experience is a sample of one, but Google searches and a little research on Snipers Hide will echo my experiences with Savage.