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PVS-14 troubleshooting

Discussion in 'NVG, Lights, & Lasers' started by Pete, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Pete

    Pete Newbie

    Had my PVS-14 for about 5 yrs now. I've put in some time with it, but no where near 100 hours+. I went to do some practice work tonight in my basement and when I turned the NOD on it could barely see anything. However when I used IR light from my helmet or WML I could see. Has anyone had this issue before and if so what was the remedy. Thanks


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  2. KUTF

    KUTF Regular Member

    This is going to sound dumb.... objective lens cover/daylight filter removed?
  3. Pete

    Pete Newbie

    Yup, removed.

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  4. Oso Grande

    Oso Grande Newbie

    Was there any ambient light in the basement prior to turning on the IR flashlight? Even a Gen three PVS 14 needs some ambient light to magnify.

    A well sealed basement and may be dark enough to need extra IR illumination to see anything. During the daytime to test this, take it into a bathroom with the door closed and the light off. There will be enough ambient light coming in under the door to tell you if you have a bigger problem when you turn on the PVS.

    Hope that helps....
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  5. KUTF

    KUTF Regular Member

    Yup, checklist #2.... If there is no ambient light whatsoever in your basement, there is nothing for the image intensifier to gather. Try using them outdoors as well and see if that meets your prior experience.
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  6. Pete

    Pete Newbie

    Gents, appreciate the feedback. On the issue of ambient light in my basement, it's not a factor. I have previously trained in my basement under my PVS-14's and they have worked. This particular time the lighting was the same as all the other training sessions. I tried switching out fresh batteries and still no change.

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  7. Oso Grande

    Oso Grande Newbie

    Pete, is it possible that you left your PVS on without the cap over the objective while in a bright location for a period of time?

    Usually this will cause black blotches to appear to the viewer, but if the bright light source was uniform enough, I could see it causing the whole image to appear darker than usual. If so, the usual fix is the sock drawer trick. If not, then I'm about out of ideas.

    When using additional IR light, does the viewed image appear normal, or still darker than usual?
  8. Pete

    Pete Newbie

    Yes, when using an IR light the image does appear as normal.

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  9. Oso Grande

    Oso Grande Newbie

    This almost a lens cap kinda thing, but any chance your manual gain is turned all the way down?
  10. Pete

    Pete Newbie

    Negative, gain is all the way up.

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  11. Grayman

    Grayman Regular Member

    Another dumb question but have you tried replacing the battery?
  12. Pete

    Pete Newbie

    Yes sir, swapped out 3 different AA's and all the same.

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  13. Porto1975

    Porto1975 Newbie

    Pete did you solve this issue what was the problem?

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