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I've never enjoyed running (more a walk/bike kinda guy). I don't mind pull-ups, providing I don't strain the shit outta my shoulder and take 6mos to heal. :(

And yes, you're strange.

Will Brink

A lot of good advice available on how to get better, but you have to do them.

Rubber bands help. Doing just the lowering portion slowly will help as well.


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Bwa ha ha. That's funny. Not very nice, but funny.


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I've started doing 100 PU's and 300 Push ups of various types every workout, regardless of the muscle group worked. I work the sets in to my other stuff, basically doing mixs or regular, wide, narry, and switch grip (or gator for push ups).

Will Brink

I've dropped 14# since January 4th. Pullups and bar muscle ups are way easier with less mass to move

True enough. I asked Lee Haney if he did chins off season back in the day, and he said he couldn't do man off season and felt like he was going to rip arm off. I used to be able to do 3 X20 for chins as a warm up as a young guy who had probably optimized what was my strength/weight ratio, and the number I could do actually dropped as gained size and muscle at one point, The guys you see doing endless chins, invariably lean and or smaller guys. I know some PL who are good for 1000lb squat who couldn't do more than a few chins. and so on.
A few ideas on making pull ups easier.

1. I am losing fat and it helps. Not muscle, just loosing fat :)
2. Hanging in the lower position helps. Hanging in the upper position (chin above bar) really helps.
3. Start by breathing and retracting your shoulder blades. It keeps the shoulders safe and makes you more stable.
4. Doing pulls with one hand in each hold (palms facing each other) makes you better at both but in a less stressful way on your joints.
5. Warming the wrists by making fists and bending them forward and back helps in circulation and keeps you healthier.
6. Doing pull ups on a beam strenthens the shoulder part of the movement and removes some tension from the forearm.
7. Doing constrolled negatives for a specific count makes for better progress. Try for repetition where you decend to earth :) for 10 breaths or seconds. Make each parameter count.
8. Small sets often create greater neural progress and less fatigue.

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