PSA: Just Do The Workout

This happens to me often but I always forget, so I wanted to post it as a reminder - to myself and to folks who might be new to fitness:

If you had a shitty day or you're feeling tired or whatever - do your workout. Even if it's just 1 set. Chances are, you'll "wake up", do the complete workout, and by the time it's all done, you'll walk out feeling fuckin good and it will have been worth it.


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I don't always feel good, but always do the workout. And, I take it further to always walk (ideally: run) there. Even when a blizzard, etc. It's only 1/2 mile, but it can be a thing.

Every time, on schedule. In total, it works. Even if it doesn't improve the day, tomorrow I'll feel better than if I skip today.
Seriously, just do the workout.

I fractured my leg last November at work, thankfully it was just the fibula in two places. Went back on the road at the end of January but wasn't regularly in the gym until a few months ago. I keep my pre-workout in my locker and by the time I get to the gym it has kicked in and I'm ready to go. Just do the workout.