Primary & Secondary Training Summit 2020

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member

Instructor Roster and Block Descriptions​
Chuck Pressburg: No Fail Pistol 200 rounds pistol
Focusing on absolute performance melding shooter and weapon.

Bill Blowers: Diagnostic Pistol 300 rounds pistol
Learn ways to improve using refinement through focused drills and documentation.

Jared Reston: 300y Carbine 250 rounds rifle
Patrol rifle or special purpose rifle, you need the skills to engage at distances beyond your pistol

Scott Jedlinski: RDS Life 300 rounds pistol
Learn methods to hone your red dot pistol performance.

Matt Little: Staccato 2011 250 rounds pistol, Close Up Carbine 300 rounds carbine
Try out the new Staccato 2011 and learn how to use it more effectively.
Time and reaction distance are intertwined, the ability to effectively operate a carbine at closer range means to be more effective in its operation in a shorter window.

Mark Smith: Sooner Versus Faster 300 rounds pistol or rifle
Faster for most means to rush, in this block Mark teaches methods to maximize efficiency which translates to faster times (pistol or carbine).

Darryl Bolke/Chuck Haggard: Backups/Snubbies 200 rounds pistol
Many people carry a snubby or backup, but how many train with them? Increase your effectiveness using these compact weapons with this block of instruction.

Darryl Bolke: Training Habits of Highly Successful Gunfighters

Chuck Haggard: Understanding low light and maximizing your light.

Chad Albrect/Mike Mihalski: Learn about how to navigate the world of AR15s. Everything from a hobby to professional use standards and how to select them. Includes micro armorer and upkeep.

Varg Freeborn: Violence of Mind and Criminal Mindset – discuss common misconceptions about criminals and their capabilities. What are they looking for and how do you react?

Jim Fuller and Gary Hughes: Learn about the AK platform, history, and how to run them. Includes micro armorer and upkeep.

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