Primal violence

i was about to tell you the P&S youtube but i just looked and it seems like they were removed? i dont know man, they were some impressive episodes. I gotta say though, those two p&S episodes along with varg's violence of mind book drastically changed my general mindset and the way i conduct myself in the day to day. The idea of sitting down with yourself and clearly defining your "mission" for example- "getting home safe to your wife and child every night" and from there filtering your decision making process through that. its allot of stuff i realized i do naturally but to be able to see these things so clearly explained and defined was cool as hell and personally very helpful, to be able to better define and understand these ideas within myself was priceless.
That’s a shame. That was really great stuff.
Are you listening to varg’s podcast? I think there is a fair amount of overlap between the P&S modcast and the first few episodes of his program. Speculation only, but I’d bet that’s why the episode was taken down.