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Prescription Eye Options (LE PATROL)

Discussion in 'Gear Discussion' started by jaredd624, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Hello, recently I've come to find the use of corrective lenses help my vision. My vision is not awful, I have slight astigmatism. On patrol I have worn my regular eye glasses, and the difference in being able to read plates is apparent but not drastic. I can read plates just fine without corrected vision but just a little further with corrected vision. My eye doctor is currently having me try contact lenses. I've tried three different pairs over the last month, and while they do help some, I cannot stand wearing them. I've found no difference in the lenses I've tried as far as comfort and I consistently saw distortion at the bottom edge of my vision. I like the contacts because I can wear sunglasses in the car while keeping my corrected vision. My regular glasses have transition lenses but they don't work inside the car. I'm considering frames that accept replacement lenses quickly. The first that came to my attention were the Oakley Radar Path EVs. What do others wear on patrol. Looking for opinions on whether to continue trying contacts, or suggestions on replaceable lens glasses to switch between clear and tinted. TIA
  2. Oakley is your best bet and what I wear on duty. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I see fine with out corrected vision but I see really damn good with it. I also can't wear contacts. I've tried them all and can't find a pair that doesn't dry out my eyes. I think if you have astigmatism (I do too) you can't get a corrected lens in any of the Oakley's with drastically curved lenses, such as the M frames. I think the best option in most cases is two pairs of glasses, one clear and one tinted. Or just get corrective surgery.

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    Thanks for the reply. Any experience with secondary manufacturer prescription lenses? I have this pair of Oakley gas cans, which are my favorite sunglasses, and I found a company called SportRX that makes script lenses for them and they're only $100. Thanks again.
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