Pocket knives and Duty holsters.

So to start I am not LE or Mil. I just like guns and believe that having at least some gear to go with them is a good thing. I posted a while ago about what fixed blade to have on a battle belt (https://primaryandsecondary.com/for...est-fixed-blade-knife-for-a-battle-belt.6455/). The main reason I even have a fixed blade on my battle belt is because with my Safariland mid ride on it blocks my pocket knife, I carry strong side front pocket and have for probably about 20 years or as long as I've carried a pocket knife. My question is; should I start to carry in a different place like strong side back pocket? Or just deal with having to dig under my holster to get to my pocket knife?


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Do you need to rapidly get to your pocket knife with you strong hand?
If it's a utility folder, probably not. I think it doesn't really matter where it rides.
I ran into the same issue. Carried a Benchmade griptillain in the front right pants pocket which my Safariland holster blocked. I kept a Gerber Center Drive mutli-tool in a Leatherman MOLLE pouch just in front of my holster on the belt for utility purposes. I mounted an issued Benchmade Nimravus to the left side of my cummerbund for a left hand draw as a GTFO tool, but 99% of the work I did was with the multi-tool. I kept the folder in my pocket as a last ditch pocket item, but it was never pulled out if I had kit on.


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I carry a Triage left front primarily as a tool and a Benchmade punch dagger on the left ankle for GTFO me if in a grapple.

I had to go for the Triage in a fight where a half cuffed guy went for my gun while I had him pinned to a wall. Ended up not stabbing him but it was a second away from it.


Pocket knife under the holster with a deeper riding clip. I also push the holster forward some to clear the pocket. The spare knife is in my concealed carrier and can be accessed with either hand.
I went to L front pocket carry many years ago for this same reason. Even off duty my folder rides there. Could be useful in a weapon retention situation as well? I have a Colonel blade behind my mag pouches for that reason on my Batbelt.