Pistol Matches in DFW Area?

I'll be in the DFW area for about a month from August to September. Any pistol matches going on around that time? I'm totally new to competition but it seems like a great way to simulate stress and improve your shooting skills.
At elm fork shooting range there are matches that meet 2x/month on Wednesday nights. I go to their steel challenge matches. Fairly low round count and they're inexpensive to shoot.


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Dallas Pistol Club has a match every Saturday. They rotate disciplines but you can jump on practiscore to see which is when. I like the action pistol on the first Saturday of the month.
Thanks folks. Never heard of practiscore before, I checked it out, was very useful for finding stuff. I've been to Elm Fork a number of times, I'll definitely head over there a time or two.
Collin County IDPA runs matches at Mission160 out in Whitewright, which is located a bit outside of what I'd call the ragged edge of the DFW metroplex. They have IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and an action steel match (combination of falling & non-falling steel). I've shot the USPSA & action steel matches and they're well-run.

Frisco Gun Club, an indoor range in Frisco just off the DNT, runs IDPA matches every other Monday night. I haven't been to them.

Triple C Shooting Range and ETTS both shoot USPSA, and other, matches. I haven't been to them because they're both on the opposite side of the metroplex from me.