Performance on Demand Shooting

We started Performance on Demand Shooting last year after complaining for years about the sub-par firearms training many of our local LEOs were receiving. We were donating so much of our time to helping folks we work with improve primarily on their marksmanship, that we realized we could do a lot more good for more people if we started running some organized classes.

We operate out of Southern Wisconsin, but will travel too. We mostly teach 1-day courses locally, but can put multiple days together when we travel. Our primary shooting courses are fundamental heavy. We spend a lot of time developing marksmanship and teaching efficient weapon manipulations. We don't believe in shortcuts or flashy BS techniques in firearms training. We try to run our courses with "performance based" objectives that teach and challenge students with a wide variety of experience. We've had inexperienced shooters as well as veteran shooters come through our classes, and all have walked away saying they were challenged and picked up some useful stuff.

Our instructors have a combination of infantry experience, law enforcement SWAT experience and competitive shooting experience. We've been training cops for a long time, and more importantly, we've been training ourselves - outside of law enforcement, for a long time. We all were shooters before we became cops, and we all shoot competitively. One of the biggest problems we saw with LE firearms training was "training inbreeding" - where generations of police instructors regurgitate the same information without ever questioning why or looking for better solutions.

In addition to firearms training, we do also provide some in-service and tactics training to local LE agencies through the tech college system.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between what you may get in your 1-week firearms segment in the police academy and the nationally-renowned instructors. Our instructor bios are on our website, there's some AARs on LF and Facebook. If you're in the Midwest, we hope you'll stop by for a class.



These are some good dudes. I've attended classes with the instructors as students and took their pistol 1 class.

We are hosting them for a two day pistol/carbine class in September.