Peq 14 still relevant?


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To me: meh. Somewhere in the 60 - 100 l range for the white light (both are reported in official manuals/paperwork), which is pretty marginal today. Nice enough IR laser though. Unlike X400 or TLR2IRW, can fit filter/pattern-generators which can be useful.

For handguns, I have no idea if anything can holster it! Never seen it myself but there may be some nylon gunbucket out there.

For carbines, nice that it takes little rail space, but bulky so sticks out a lot, may not be idea.

Same plug so use the usual PEQ-15 et al remote cables, set up switching as you wish then.
Appreciate the information. I’ll probably hang on to one or two for less serious stuff.

Is there a market for these and what do they go for? Not much online and the few I have been able to find are all over the place.
I think the illuminator is better then most civilian units. I have one on an MP5 and run it on the bottom rail of B&T handguard. It works well for that.
There is also an after market replacement bulb that gets the white light up to 200 lumens. Still crappy but better then stock.

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I also didn't know until now so many of the Insite lights were the same as the white light part of this. I thought it had a different bulb part number so assumed it was totally unique. This is good info for the next time someone finds a dozen in a dusty corner of the arms room.

And with fudge factor/bad measurements, "350" is a pretty good amount of light.

Appreciate it ill have to get some ordered. May keep a couple to throw on loner guns on the range and a couple for hunting rigs.