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Corey Barnes

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Looks like we should have an equipment purchase loan coming out end of this month or next which means I'll get to buy my plates on works dime initially and pay a little bit back each check. I'm going with the 10x12 SAPI AT Armor STOP plates. I'm in need of a carrier though. I'm looking for it to either come with Swift Clips or the ability to mount them so I can use my EGL chest rig on it as well. I'd obviously prefer lightweight, durable, and comfy since I'm already going all in on this. I have no need to have a full cumberbund because I wont be mounting pouches there and not going to use side plates. This is a grab and go vest so I want it to have a quick donning ability which means I would prefer not to be screwing with velcro under my chest rig to wear it. Would like to keep the price somewhere below or around $300 if I can.

So far it seems like the AT Armor Plate Carrier, Velocity Systems LEPC with an upgrade to an Arbor Arms system, maybe the First Spear STT Plate Carrier from SKD? are my options. Anyone have anything else I should look at for this?


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If it doesnt have Tubes you will wish it did.... i use AT STOP in a Velocity LWPC for the same reason with an EGL placard. Tubes cummerbund is my only desired upgrade, mine rides up front for Oh Shit calls.


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I tested out a scarab light plate carrier with a cobra buckle cummerbund (arbor arms maybe, but I see lots of people make them now) a buddy has and it was great. The ring attachment for the shoulder straps make them move out of the way easily and cobra cummerbund connection is easy and fast.

It checked many boxes for me:
Good quality (Velocity systems)
Easy on
- rings pivot out of the way to let you put it on with out ripping your ears off
- metal cobra buckle is fast to don and seems more durable that plastic tubes
Can add soft/hard amor side bags if wanted
Very modular to add side armor, zip on back pack/hydration etc

It might be a little over budget new depending on what discounts you can find but I'd at least try one out and see what you think.
I’m a month late to the show here, but the First Spear First On w/GP pouch is an excellent choice for patrolman. I have no reason to go with a more complicated setup. I wear a duty belt everyday. 2 mags and a mini IFAK is perfect.