Paul-E-Palooza 3 (Paul Gomez Memorial Training Conference), Aug. 15-16

M Atwood

On the weekend of August 15-16, this year, at the Southington Hunt Club Training Facility just outside Garretsville Ohio, the third annual Paul-E-Palooza memorial training conference will occur.
The conference brings together 21 different trainers, from various fields, including self-preservation, edged weapons, medical, security, and more, with all proceeds going to a trust for the children of the late Paul Gomez (noted instructor and training bum).

Trainers at this years conference will be:
  • Craig Douglas
  • James Yeager
  • Rob Pincus
  • Caleb Causey
  • Dr. Lauren Pugliese
  • Mike Centola
  • John Hearne
  • Cecil Burch
  • Larry Lindenman
  • Chris Fry
  • Michael deBethencourt
  • William Aprill
  • Sherman House DDS
  • Eli Miller
  • Morgan Atwood
  • Ian Wendt
  • Taylor Mock
  • Paul Sharp
  • Paul Carlson
  • Chuck Haggard
  • Greg Ellifritz
Cost is $300
There will be an auction, of various gear and training certificates, on Saturday night (again with all proceeds going to the Paul Gomez childrens trust) followed by a social gathering around the fire on site at the Southington Hunt Club.
All instructors and staff are volunteers for this event.
Further details, including links to the various instructors websites, and online registration are available at

I have also posted more details on the event, who Paul was, and a look at the events of past PEP conferences and the nature of the conference at: