Passed the CEN exam tonight!

Thanks to some amazing preceptors/colleagues at work, a metric ton of reading ( of these pages, some many times over), and more hours spent watching review videos than I want to count, I passed my CEN exam tonight and can now sign BSN, RN, CEN if I want to get all fussy/formal so yay me for and pray for my liver...

Thanks--the preparation was a fair bit of work but I KNOW I'm able to take better care of my patients for that. I let my brain have a couple days off and yesterday verrrrry casually started studying (i.e. bought a book, removed the cellophane wrapping, and skimmed over the first couple pages) for the CCRN exam that I hope to take in early November. From all that I've heard from the ICU RN's at work (I'm in the ED), CCRN is an ass-kicker of a certification to earn but it's doable with a proper study/preparation regimen so I'm looking forward to the challenge.