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I’ll kick this off with the latest pack we’ve received for review from AttackPAK.

We’ve spoken of our friends at AttackPAK previously.
We met them a couple of years ago at SHOT Show, and they’ve done us a huge favour by sending a Defender Sustainment pack for evaluation and review.

At first, it looks like any other hip loading pack.
But closer examination reveals the hip belt is easily removable. The pack frame has a carbon fiber tail that ticks into a pocket on the hip belt.

The benefits of this should be obvious to anyone who has ever had to carry a working load separate to the pack - such as that experienced by many infanteers who have received such wonderful orders as “DROP PACK!”.

I’m really looking forward to giving this technology a run. It’s arrived just in time for commencement of the years training activities.



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We’re continuing the evaluation of the Defender pack from our friends Attack PAK.

Last month’s initial weight was 8 kilograms (17.6lbs) and its been bumped up to 15 kilograms (33lbs).

Comfort is still good.
Pouches are from SORD.


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I've often thought this was a good idea. Personally I'd like to see a belt order, that the "beaver tail" or whatever would just slip behind, so you don't lose any space on the rear of the belt. The pack would then sit on top of the rear pouches. I think this works up to about 50 lbs or so. After that, you need a padded hip belt such as this, and just eat the lost space on the belt, unless, you cobble something up where the lower section of the pack stays on the belt line, when jettisoning the top portion. The "beaver tail" as it were could still fit into a slot between "buttpack" and belt.

If you could figure this all out, you'd have the perfect system for the grunt. Oh and a nice curved framesheet so your rear plate doesn't slide around.

Love the Auscam!