OWB Duty 2011/1911 RDS Weaponlight Holsters

Have not used it yet so I can not offer any quality information. I recently purchased a STI 9mm Tactical HOST. I was directed to Longs Shadow Holsters by STI. Specifically the Crestone level 2. I’m about 6 weeks from date of order so I hope it will be here soon. Again I don’t have the holster so I’m not recommending it yet, but at this time there are not many options
@JLL2013 We've had issues with the holster flexing and releasing the weapon while sitting in a vehicle without the plug providing structure to the holster. Have you noticed this? Is there anyway to modify the plug and still have the support with your option?
We found the issue because we used to remove the plugs so recruits could carry red guns all the time and sims in the village. We ended up drilling out the muzzles of the red guns so we could keep the plugs.


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No. The is lock up with this weapon/holster combination is pretty damn good. I just threw the rig on and tried hard to flex the gun out of the holster to no avail.
I'd add that I threw the crossbolt back in because why not (photo below).
If you had the motivation I think it'd be easy to dremel the plug down so that it conformed to the 2011/Chambers/whatever.

Safariland holster and plugs. So the second I found out that the Safariland holster for the S&W M&P Core or long slide I ordered one. This was sometime in August 2018. Got the holster in October 18 and immediately put my STI Tactical in it. Took it to the range and quickly found out the gun fit but wouldn’t lock. I had already removed the stock plug but the gun would not lock into the holster. I already had a Longs Shadow Holster so just kept using that and put the Safariland holster on a shelf in disgust.
About a month ago I decided to sell the holster and had to put a plug back into the holster before I listed it. I have a bunch of spare Safariland parts that I have cabbaged onto for years. Spare UBLs, SLS hood aseblies, etc.
Well I picked a plug with the long plug piece. Decided to put my Tactical in for some reason and it still fit and this time locked up tight. Been using it on duty for a month now and it’s solid. I think I have 1 more of the plugs if somebody wants it. Email me at rfeder127atgmail.com if you want it.
FYI...I was exposed to a level 2 holster today designed by some pretty badass guys, that might be available soon to the general public....will be running it all week, but so far it is the best duty holster I have ever seen/used/etc.


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Interesting thing about plugs...just threw my single stack gun in an old unicorn holster. Lo and behold, no plug from the factory.



Email me for a excel sheet with all safariland part numbers for our 2019/2020 guns.


Any word when Safariland might be selling the new holsters? I found the part numbers from the USMS SOG contract and asked them and was told there is no current ETA on production due to molding trials/etc. I'm assuming this is due to tha change in the barrel length on the newer Staccato P? Thanks.
I recently got a 4.15 Staccato P Duo. I also bought a M&P 5.0 Core RDS holster.

I had to file a couple wear points down and put a little bit of foam down where the light touches plastic at the bottom, but now it fits perfect. No dragging or resistance. I’ve noticed the RDS holsters all prefer Surefires. Much less drag that way for whatever reason. I’ll be using it at a 1000 round department training this week, so we’ll see how it goes.


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I’ve heard it mentioned that the DVC-P isn’t compatible w/ the M&P Core L series holsters from Safariland, is that the case? And if so, is there an active retention holster that works w/ the DVC-P?