Osteoarthritis: Anyone else dealing with it?

At 31 I've got full blown Osteoarthritis in my left foot. For those who don't know, it's the "better" arthritis that generally stems from overuse, and comes and goes.

Most people eventually get it in their knees or hips when they are old as fuck, or younger if they are constantly jumping out of airplanes or playing sports professionally.

Needless to say, I'm fucking bummed that sprinting down a street will set off a flare up that keeps me on a cane for 1.5 weeks since I love running. Hiking however, doesn't seem to set off the excruciatingly painful flare ups (thank goodness).

What have your experience been, and what have you done about it?

Thinking about using my near worthless health insurance (thanks "Affordable" Care Act) or going straight up wild west/stem cell therapy up on this bitch
Yep. Found out Dec 2015. In my left hip. I've spent the last year having to figure out what I can do and what I have to modify. It sucks.

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Have it in both knees and both hands. Anti-inflammatories work for me, as well as heating pads. Best thing I've found is sticking with things that don't aggravate it, and avoiding things that do. I can't run (thankfully, as I hate running), but activities like walking, hiking, and biking aren't too bad, and don't leave me gimping around for days.
Short version follows, PM me if you want more info.

I'm 44, used to jump out of airplanes and run with a rucksack. Have had generalized knee pain off and on for the last couple years, was squatting 405 for reps last October. Pain changed in November, went to doctor (and 2 more for 2nd/3rd opinions) as it became too painful to walk up and down stairs, etc. I had to take 800mg Motrin a couple times per day to function.

MRI showed OA in 3 compartments right knee, bone on bone, damaged ACL. MRI in left knee taken months later (because it makes too much sense doing both at the same time) showed multiple meniscus tears, etc. Doc 1 recommended complete knee replacement. Doc 2 said too young. Doc 3 said stem cell a good option but he doesn't provide that procedure.

Researched and found Regenexx company and their providers. Closest one was down in Oregon. Been down there twice (both knees) for their therapy (3 day procedure). Very happy with results and service. Avoided having to get my knee partially amputated.

Beware of "stem cell" providers and do your research. The ones I found in my area were shady, made unrealistic claims, use poor methodology and sources for stem cells (one place wanted to charge me $5000 for 1 ounce of donated amniotic stem cell fluid - 3rd party testing revealed NO live stem cells in it after being thawed).

I would only go with a Regenexx provider (I get nothing for referring people to them). They have an E-book you can download to learn about what they offer, how it all works, etc.
I'm 50. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 35. I've had both knees replaced, I see the surgeon on Monday regarding my right shoulder (looks like we are going to go ahead with replacement), the left shoulder has maybe another year in it, both hips are currently bone-on-bone, my ankles shot, and my back has 3 points of major deterioration. Herr Doktor states I'll be in a wheel chair in a couple of years. Herr Doktor can suck it; I'm not ready for a chair quite yet.

I'm currently undergoing testing to find out if I have MS.

The boss dogs me at work because I'm not as fast as the 25 year old kids he just hired. I am being quietly forced from the Company.

I still work, still actively shoot, but mundane tasks are becoming more difficult. My wife and I try to ride bicycles 15-20 miles every day, and we will ride 40-50 miles on weekends. Well, warm weather. the cold seeps into the metal in my knees and makes them ache terribly.

On the up side, looks like I can save 15% on my auto insurance by switching to Geico!
Shoot that sucks! Definitely between a rock and a hard place... and I'm definitely not looking forward to future issues down the line.

Right now I'm hoping that stem cell therapy will continue to develop as a treatment and come down in cost. Seattle Times did a report about the "wild west" nature of Stem Cell treatment (half a dozen new shops in the last year) and whether or not it actually helps.
I see the new ortho on Jan 27. My original ortho told me I need a hip replacement. The new one can do the hip resurfacing instead. I would prefer that to full replacement.
I am back to full duty. Knees both feel good, a little achy at times. Turmeric and Omega 3 fish oils have really helping me with pain and inflammation. Both quads are weak but lifting, doing physical therapy, graston, and acupuncture to get strength and functionality back.

Regenexx for stem cell therapy treatment options.
I see the new ortho on Jan 27. My original ortho told me I need a hip replacement. The new one can do the hip resurfacing instead. I would prefer that to full replacement.
And the ortho nixed the resurfacing No one in my area does them anymore. Apparently there are are issues with the cups loosening up in the hip, the bone turning black for no reason, and the metal on metal implants create metal ions that go God knows where. They don't know where they go or what kinda of damage they might due in the future. So it's back to looking for the full hip replacement...
Necro, I know. But I forgot about this thread. I had the hip replacement done on Valentines Day 2018. 8 months later I tested and passed a very strenous Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu test. I spent two and a half weeks out of work, a month in the office working light duty, and was back on full duty the first Monday of April. No issues since then, even with my work schedule, training, Muay Thai the aforementioned RGJJ, or lifting. My only regret was not doing it 3 years earlier!!!