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What are some of the pros and cons to the different mount hights with LPVOs. 1.5, 1.9 2,03 ect, assuming your not trying to clear a DBAL or something. Seems to me that taller mounts would be better for shooting close and fast but could be problematic in the prone. I have no real experience with LPVOs so I’m completely speculating.
Let me note that I'm a sniper(LE) first and foremost so my priorities may not align with that of others. Because I didn't find the 1.93 height was ideal for my setup, I didn't spend as much time with it as I would need to make that direct comparison. If you count HK 416's which have a higher rail and sit optics up about 1/3? of an inch...leaving optics 1.87ish inches high when using a 1.54" mount then I noted no difficulty with that.

The only time I have had issues with "imperfect" positions related to optic height is when using the 1.375" and not being able to get behind the optic when used in conjunction with my preferred SOPMOD stock. In some cases height-over bore could afford you a little more difficulty with some VTAC wall openings and loopholes...but nothing that I've encountered yet in the real world. You always have mechanical offset to contend with.

What I have noticed in the 1.54 vs. 1.93 in recent years is that even IF you don't need to clear an IR/laser/DBAL housing, the proliferation of longer rails and true(r) and shorter 1x optics means that you could likely have a fair amount of rail in your sight picture at the bottom end of your magnification. Part of this depends greatly on how you mount the gun/put your face ...thus affecting how far forward you put the optic. If you run Nose-to-charging handle, you likely mount optics farther forward. I don't and mount most of my LPVO's eyepieces are about in line with the rear of the charging handle. Now add a 14 or 15" rail with a back up iron front sight, and you'll likely see it in your FOV. If for some reason you have 20MOA can't (which is unnecessary with an LPVO), it will also make this problem worse. A little is fine, but one can realistically stack these conditions to leave a whole bunch of crap in your way.


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If you count HK 416's which have a higher rail and sit optics up about 1/3? of an inch
The Wilcox EoTech mount has a .215" difference between the 416 and standard version but I haven't seen prints for sure.

I would also agree with your 1.54 vs 1.93 observations on blocking portions of the reticle. To give OP a little more information, I would want to add that while a 1.54 or even lower will feel more comfortable when laying down prone, the extra height of a 1.93 or 2.04 mount give a lot of needed wiggle room if you are in a more mobile role. The biggest instances that come to mind are a chinstrap from a helmet which pushes you up off the stock a little bit, a gas mask which pushes you up off the stock a lot, and switching shoulders and having a boom mic on you support side. I have also found that going to a slimmer Bravo SOPMOD has helped with easier head positioning on the higher mounts but stock choice is very much related to your face structure and YMMV.

All that being said I absolutely agree that I would not run anything higher than a 1.54 on full power scope and SOPMOD/PRS setup because the neck fatigue and lesser check weld from a 2.04/1.93 when laying down are legitimate concerns and it all vary's based on you use case.
The Wilcox EoTech mount has a .215" difference between the 416 and standard version but I haven't seen prints for sure.
I measured once before and wrote 'em down for people mixin' and matching various sight/mount options.

Difference between Aimpoint mounts for HK factory sights for lower 1/3 co-witness and AR/milspec is the 1/3 or 3/8" for that rough estimate
Difference between top of the ejection port to top of the rail of 416 and M4 is about .245".
Difference of overall height of upper reciever is .263".

Anyways, second the above mention on stock selection. When I played around with lower 1/3 and absolute CW height Aimpoints on a 1/2" riser, my cheek weld for that height and my SOPMOD didn't fly. BCM Mod 0 stock with less suggestive cheek weld was more forgiving for that higher than natural position.