Opinions wanted on Ruck Design

First and foremost i'm not a professional at design or anything else. Just an end user. Previously had two different rucks made and wasn't happy with the manufacture or actual execution of certain features. So I wanted to draw this out in detail and have your guys' input on this before I pull the trigger and have someone sew it up. Hopefully will be made from a large alice pack I have but may end up being 100% made from scratch.
There were certain features and frames from different manufactures but no one bag does everything I like. The crossfire bags come the closest, but i've had several styles of plastic frames break on me and they have to much flex/creaking. Even with the cold molding that they use on their new frames I have concerns about both cold weather and airborne operations with the frames. Along with logistical issues (if my malice frame does break it will be significantly easier to find a replacement frame) and fit issues (the malice frame fits me great at 5'6" and I have concerns that the dg-16 frameset would not work with a belt kit for me).

Different parts and pieces taken from Crossfire ind, Tac Tailor, Platatac, Mystery Ranch, And Jay-Jays.

Suspension system is a Tac tailor Malice frame, Adjustable low profile super straps, and ergo super belt.

Assault pack Top Flap

The AWS assault pack is a great bag in and of itself but I think as a detachable bag from the ruck it could add quite a bit of utility and be an easy way to separate the approach/fighting load or for use as an E&E bag.

Regular top flap mods and RTO zip/Load lifters

I would prefer to maintain a more normal top flap if the assault pack isn't necessary, There's more pictures going into greater detail but conventional RTO access with two way zippers, tri glides to interface with my load lifter straps.

Exterior and Interior pocket layout

The outside is mostly conventional minus the internal access zippers and compression straps, Internal is set to use the mystery ranch radio wrap and tri-glides for hanging bladders.

Side profile of torpedo pockets

Molle underneath the mesh jay-jay's style pockets, cord loc closure and an access zip on the bottom of the pouch.

Back layout and sleeping bag compartment

Most unsure about this part so far but opinions or experiences with moving the actual bag to frame interface strap lower? The distance that the strap is lowered would be added to the bottom portion for the sleeping bag compartment, Huge dislike for the conventional way that sleeping bag compartments are added currently to alice packs. But moving the entire bag up by a few inches would probably solve that issue. Only thing not noted here would be some sort of separator for the sleeping bag compartment, Not sure about the execution on that either.

Also if anyone knows how to embed images and could dm me with the instructions that would be great, Thanks for taking the time to read this and would appreciate any input.
Hey guys been UA like a motherfucker but T got me off my ass here. All I can say is wow. I haven't seen something this detailed in a long while. Can you explain a few additional things. I have seen this style of external pocket layout, in one form or another, for a long time. Could you finally explain to me exactly what the external pocket/pouch layout is for. I take it this is stuff you need access to during the day without getting into main ruck. So then what is carried inside main ruck. If you could provide a packing list here it would be extremely helpful in visualizing how this is all going to work. I think I have a rough idea but to have it spelled out, item by item would be cool. Make sure I'm updated to current stuff.

So yeah, this would be an interesting prototype bag. Did you say approx size? I'm thinking 65L-ish? Also need to see pics of the MR radio set up.

Also know you're set on TT frame, but, would also love to throw in DG-16 frameset for your testing, since it's compatible with what you're doing. If the polymer frame is truly GTG, which I believe it is, I'd like to prove that. If not, well then we'll know for sure. Judging from your pouches I'm working on, you're as hard on your gear as Running Wolf! So I'd really like you as a tester out there in the field. I figure between you and him, if you guys don't break it, it's probably GTG. But understand if you want to stick with metal. Maybe when you get the time and space on another deployment you can give it a go.
Yeah no worries, I've always personally been taught the outside pouches are for me, and the inside is for mission equipment. I generally try to follow that. Any quick warming layers, Wet-Weather Gear, Basha/Tarp, Snacks and other small stuff like that all go on the outside pouches.

The specific stuff I keep in each one

Top Middle- Basha w/ Jungle Knots
Side Top Pouches- Cleaning kit, Hygiene Kit, Lickies and Chewies, Admin Stuff

Bottom Pouches I normally keep the MRE/FSR that i'm eating out of for the day.
Wet-Weather/Warming Layers if necessary, Along with the Pack cover

For my kind of standardized packing list I normally carry
Basha w/ Jungle Knots
Pack Cover
X2 Socks
X1 Shirt
Water (Bladder)
Admin Stuff ( Batteries, Tape, Comms Cord, Caffeine Pills/Gum)
Hygiene Kit ( Toothpaste, Brush, Baby wipes in quart bag, and Hand Sanitizer and Chapstick W/ Leukotape)
Cleaning Kit ( Cleaning Rod, Chamber Brush, Oil in Mio Bottle, Brillo pad and Rag)

Normal Additions Dependant on Weather/ Time projected to stay out
Sleeping Pad (Inflatable Style), Carinthia Sleeping Bag, Warming Layers, Extra Hygiene Equip. (Bug Spray, Small Towel, Soap), 5qt Canteen/MSR Bladder, Stove, Small Thermos, Machete/Shovel

Here's a link to the Mystery Ranch Radio Wrap
-Radio Pouch-

As to the testing of different items and the frame i'm down, Just understand I like to be very thorough/Take my time before i'm willing to offer an opinion on something. But you got my email, I love this stuff so just hit me up and we can work out the deets.
Good shit maynard. I have no issues with a thorough review, in fact that's what I'd really like to scrub it down.

So OK, that's been an issue for me, as to the inside "team" or mission" gear, because as an armed citizen I don't have access to all that shit, therefore I don't need interior space for it, and so all that shit in external pouches just goes inside. But duly noted, when making shit for .mil guys you gotta account for all this. And thus le differance between civvy and mil-spec rucksacks.

Could you give us a run down of "typical" mission gear. I'm thinking the radio, naturally, then you have a shit-load of batts for it, no doubt. Now is this where your Bravo sez oh here have this extra 400 rds linked for the gun, and the medico sez oh hey here everybody take an extra "big bag", and then you have over head cover for the hide site, let's say, so you get to carry a bunch of PVC tubing and some kinda covering. And then somebody wants to bring mortar rounds. Oh shit how about anti-tank? And some DEMO, yeah! I guess I've never really thought about how all that shit is gonna take up space inside. But yeah I'm slowly seeing it.
If you don't mind my asking, what is the intent with the Ruck? Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Direct Action, Amphibious Operations, something to hold kit in the trunk of a truck?

Most of the items on your list look stuff that would be brought for R&S, but I'd like to be sure before offering input.
Yeah R&S was my primary job before hand, In the middle of some fairly long training right now and it'll be normal infantry patrols, Ranger school style so that's what i'm prepping for rn.
For Diz my job before, I normally had a PRC-150 with assorted antenna's, batteries and toughbook, or a PED-5 with batteries and spare water. Normally some sort of hide site materials and Cobra Hood, But Diz you're tracking what i'm moving on too. Trying to get a get my Large Ruck sorted out right now and then hopefully have a Medium Alice sewn up similarly. Between my AWS inc. Assault Pack, MR 3DAP, and the two rucks that should really have me covered for everything.
If you don't mind my asking, what is the intent with the Ruck? Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Direct Action, Amphibious Operations, something to hold kit in the trunk of a truck?

Most of the items on your list look stuff that would be brought for R&S, but I'd like to be sure before offering input.
I addition to the intent, are you looking at something with the volume of a regular or large ALICE?