Opinions On Underfolding Stocks


Good evening, all.

I've been spending some time lately thinking about the merits of an underfolding stock on the AK family. In terms of portability or concealability, it seems like a top-notch option. Sort of like a better LAW folder for the AR family in that aspect. In terms of usability, however, I am not so sure.

I am looking at this from the perspective of a more discreet rifle to travel with. Easier in and out of a vehicle or rest location, without needing to be moved in a bag or case that screams "rifle".

Is there anyone here who has decent experience on the Kalash with an underfolder? Is the tradeoff of performance vs portability worth making?
I personally don’t care for them (other than aesthetics) and much prefer an ak 100 style or triangle folder. Same oal when folded but easier to deploy and shoot and a far greater cheek weld.


Only real reason I have one now is because I got a deal on a neutered MAK-90. Had it for a few years before I realized it was an underfolder trunnion. While yes, it is one of my most "portable" and "concealable" Title 1 guns, it really was just a project gun that I'll bring out for fun range trips or events like Red Oktober. I recommend running a red dot of some sort for an underfolder. The cheek weld leaves much to be desired with irons.


I can get by with the cheek weld on the underfolders but it's not optimal.

Two real problems are:
1) Deployment. It's just this side of a takedown rifle, to deploy the thing. The magazine gets in the way of folding/unfolding, such that you'll see folks transporting them 2/3rd folded, with the buttplate up against the spine of the mag. Shrug. Also the buttplate is not linked in any way to make it deploy at the same time as the main hinge so once open and locked, you have to grab the buttplate and then rotate that into position, and those are mostly held with just friction so are either stiff or wobbly.

2) Wobble. Properly built, new, and esp the early or a few other (Romanian?) designs are pretty okay but many have marginal tolerances, and most of all one locking block so can have a LOT of wobble. If talking about having to use one issued like this, get used to a slightly modified push-pull with some tension on the shoulder to keep the gun pushed up. Hard enough that it doesn't move under recoil isn't too hard to do.

2a) Buttplate wobble is awful. If your buttplate rotates when not on the shoulder, fix it. It's so inconsistent what happens when you try to shoulder that it's hard to use to the point it could get you killed.