old books that should be read

so i figure ill kick off this part of the forum with a list of some old books that should be read yes this is inspired from the mod cast whats old is new

1. A rifleman goes to war - though near a century old at this point it is still a book with valuable information on marksmanship and some small unit tactics
2. A sniper on the easter front - this book is a must-read for those not only interested in ww2 on the eastern front it has a ton of information on the mindset of a sniper in a high stressed environment
3. the art of the rifle - a classic on basic rifle marksmanship and positional shooting
4. All in fighting - written by one of the masters of hand to hand combat its a valuable read for those looking for basic fighting techniques to defend themselves or to add to their library of moves

i hope this will kick start this part of the forum and the least of books grows


Some other good books:

Infantry attacks - Erwin Rommel : Rommel's accounts of his time in WW1. Has some great parts and covers stuff from small unit tactics, to culture to leadership
Ordinary Men - R. Browning : Can be something of a difficult read but I think it's an important one as it covers how ordinary men committed some atrocities and the path that got them to that point.
Castles of steel - Robert K Massie: Not much on mindset or anything particularly relevant to shooters today but is a fantastically detailed account of the naval engagements and politics of the first world war.
The myth of the great war - John Moiser : Great historical reference that had tons of research put into it. Covers how governments and propaganda can tell a completely different story that what actually happened. Also just a fascinating read for anyone interested in history.

For any LE that haven't read it: Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement - Kevin Gilmartin : A very short and easy read that explains some of the stress of the job, how that can effect our personal lives and family time, and gives examples of common problems. This book doesn't pretend to be an instant fix self-help book, it simply explains why certain things happen and help point them out so you can be more aware of them and work on yourself accordingly.


I've got two that probably should get a touch more attention.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds - Charles Mackay: Discusses three investment manias and is a classic of market and investing psychology.
History of The German General Staff 1657 - 1945 - Walter Goerlitz: Traces the rise and fall of the General Staff system in Germany.