O P Tactical Inc.



I probably know most of you whether in person, or over years of digital comms, so this is just a cut and paste from our ABOUT page on the site. It's good to be back rubbing elbows with you fuckers, I've found that this industry has some of the best guys and gals you will ever meet, and I'll hold my comments about how I feel about the rest of them Haha...


O P Tactical Inc. is a small business owned by an active duty combat veteran. We do not seek preferential treatment when being selected for sales to any entity.

Our Mission:

Provide customers with the best gear and customer service possible.
OPT only sells gear that has been tested and sworn to by the end user, only superior gear is sold here.
If you have any questions about what kind of gear you should use for your loadout or mission, just email us ( optactical@yahoo.com ). We welcome you to check back in every now and then and see what we have to offer, we will feature different deals and new items on a regular basis. Happy shopping, browsing, surfing, or studying.

Our Philosophy:

We believe our role is to support the customer and the industry. The customer is of the utmost importance, they are in the fight, or training for the fight, we know what this is like, and we know what we expect out of our support channels while in these roles. The industry is also of great value to us, we do not bad mouth other members of the industry for the sake of sales, in fact, if you can't find it here, we will be happy to refer you to a dealer that carries an item rather than see you deploy or train at an equipment deficit due to the behavior of a retailer.


Blue Line Sheepdog
Bought some Velocity BOSS Rugby shirts and had them in 2 days with the USPS shipping. From NC to NV in 2 days. Good stuff!