NVG/Low light steel challenge

Hey P&S,

Just a PSA for those in the south FL area about a unique twist on shooting the steel challenge.

I'm one of the Range Officers for Homestead Training Center and we are hosting our second NVG/Low light steel challenge. This event is just what the title states a NVG or Low light Steel Challenge. Each shooter will have the opportunity to shoot each stage 3 times, best time will be recorded. How fast and efficiently you shoot the plate, whether using NVGs, weapon mounted light or hand held flashlight. Shooters choosing to shoot the stage with a weapon light have to shoot the stage with that light or hand held light. If using NVGs then use that appropriate gear for NVGs Registration will begin at 1800 and close at 1915hrs.

I'm trying to drum up support for this event because it is a unique event that allows us shooters to work our weapons in adverse low light conditions that we may find ourselves in either at work (MIL/LEOs) or in our civilian lives.

If you have any questions, contact myself, shoothtc.com or tacuptraining on Instagram.
Materials Required to Participate:

• Head or weapon mounted NVG / hand held or weaponlight
• Pistol
• IR Illuminator (Preferable)
• Minimum of 350 Pistol rounds
• Flashlight
• Batteries for all your electronics
• Chemlights (VIS and IR)