Norwegin Foot March


Does anyone have any experience participating in the Norwegian Foot March challenge?

I volunteered to represent my unit at the event and I really want to do to well.
It's 18.6 miles with a 25 lb. ruck in under 4.5 hours. I'll be competing in South Texas in less than a month.

I already ruck 60 lbs. for 6 miles 1-2x a month with no real issue. I routinely complete that in 1.5 hours with absolutely 0 running. I know a good deal about packing a ruck, but I'm definitely open to learning some new skills and tricks to make this ordeal easier. I really want to wear this badge for my commissioning.

Norwegian Foot March.jpg
And before anyone says anything about AR 670 regulations about it, it is approved under my chain of command.