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Norotos LED Light universal shroud - A Review

Discussion in 'Gear Discussion' started by Anthony, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Yet again I try my hand. If I forget anything or leave any questions unanswered I apologize, and feel free to ask.

    While deployed to Iraq as well as Afghanistan, I found myself constantly using handheld light for navigation, TSE, and anything in between. I had regulated myself to wearing a headlamp looped through my goggle retention straps en lue of a helmet light due to the awkward angles and neck craning the surefire and stream light required.

    Introduce yourself to the Norotos LED universal shroud.


    I have been using and evaluating this shroud for over a year now and let me just say, she works.
    Norotos really thought this through when they built this mount, and you can tell. The back of the mount is covered in the usually maluable rubber, so when you mount it the shroud seals to the helmet. I know his to be true because I have used it in all conditions to no malfunction. I have had this helmet completely submerged as well as wet without any malfunction.
    They went as far as to adjust the LEDs in the mount to the angle your eyes are looking when you use it. ‘Hi Billy Mays here! Are you tired of craning your neck to make sure your APL’s map work is correct?’
    Look no further. I usually do these in a good and bad side but gents I have to be honest, I don’t see a bad side. Even with cost coming in at $259.00, it isn’t THAT much more than your high quality shroud. I sold two of their normal shrouds to fund this.

    This shroud comes with 8 LED lights molded in. 4 white, 2 red, and 2 blue. Thes lights are powered by a aisngle AA battery underneath the mounting slot. There is two buttons on this shroud. Hold one it comes on, hold the other and the brightness goes up and down. Hold both and you get a laser light show bright enough to pull a car over.
    Norotos has released some word saying they are releasing one that will use a 3 volt with a compartment that is moveable.
    The battery life on this, although I never timed it is plenty. I find myself replacing the battery one ever few months. Probably about 3-4 months. The replacement of the battery is very easy and intuitive, and the cover even comes with a spot to dummy cord.


    This brings me to the downside. The location of the battery pack prevents mounts such as the Adams Industries ANVIS mount from being issued. It also usually pushes the on off knob of my issues PVS-14’s so close I have to push it away to turn it on.
    The only other downside I have is this thing was. a. B. I. T. C. H. To mount. In my opinion it was worth it.

    This shroud has application from the small unit leader up. I’ve found even my corpsman (medical personel) have found it useful as the blue shows blood and NVGs don’t. Although this thing costs a bit much for its role, I have found myself using it as much as I have it has definitely paid for itself. If you have the coin, drop it.

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