Nor. Nevada

Well growing up it was in the Pinenut Mountains behind the house. I know Kagwerks does training classes out in Mound House where they have a range. They provide long gun and pistol classes. I can personally vouch for one of thier instructors. I'm waiting for feedback from friends that plan on attending their next course in March.

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LMS back when they still did training out at the Mustang range. Now I just train with my old training partners going back 8 to 10 years. Not much in terms of formal training for me anymore. Too many health concerns make it difficult at best. I'm up in Spanish Springs.
LMS is still doing classes out in fernley. There's a couple low light classes coming up soon.
Speaking of training partners that go back a few years. Dave and Greg and I are heading out tomorrow morning if you have the time you welcome to join us. Don’t think you know Greg but he’s pretty squared away.
Thanks for the responses gentlemen. Kagwerks is g2g. I was interested in doing a NOD class with LMS, but their night shoot spot (at least the past couple ones) is in CA and bringing my kit into that state is risky biscuits as nonLEO. Hell even going duck hunting over the border feels sketchy these last couple years. Carson private bays were a great resource but that is shit canned now.