Non-3Gun/Gamer way to carry shotshells on Molle belt?


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Ez8 shell caddy is what I use to hold my breaching slugs. More retention than the fully exposed stuff but you can still load duals and quads if that’s your style.

I also believe California competition works still makes their shell caddy for loading singles.


The Man Mountain Engineering & Cali Comp Works is what the old timer competition/tactical dudes were teaching for shotgun. They’re similar to the gunner, but in a single unit as opposed to the double. Retention is great as long as they’re full. They will puke shells if they’re not full.

I don’t think MME is in production anymore, but they occasionally become available on forums. Also, not really sure how to stick them to Molle - I drilled mine for tek loks on my competition belt, but that’s not really your situation.