NIR compliant spray paint for camo.


I need to do some camo painting on firearms and gear, the area I'm in has more than a few "bubba's" with nvg's, so I'm looking for an nir compliant spray paint source to keep my stuff from flowing like a shoot me beacon if the worst happens.

A preliminary google search didn't net me anything that looked legit and shipped conus.

any suggestions?


IME, my MultiCam-esque rattlecanning with Aervoe shows noticeable contrast and coloration while under IR, more so than my MultiCam fabric.


All the things from RAPCO.

The Aervoe "Military" lines.

Krylon "Camouflage" colors.

Rustoleum "Camouflage" colors.

All work. RAPCO (Gillespie is the paint maker) is the best paint, but you have to mail order it, have only historical or (most) current mil colors to choose from. I've painted a number of things and recently even checked many (with some friends to confirm, be targets) under various visible lights, under NODs and with MWIR thermal. All these above are good for IRR performance, so no shine and no unexpected color shift (i.e. a tan looks black) in any band.


Missed edit window! I also checked with IR illum, and lasers.

Indeed, not all matte paint is good. Even some of — for example — the Testors model sprays only look good in visible light, have odd performance in IR bands. Some other Krylon and Rustoleum matte paints also have color shifts in IR, and a handful speckle under intense lighting, etc, so try to get the camo rated paints or just do some tests with what you have around already, before painting your real gear.