Nightlong Industries LLC


I bought a "blem" PVS-14 from Nightlong a few years back and it's been great. The quality of the "blem" tube was better than any NVGs I've been issued until recently and I got a fantastic price when I bundled it with a DBAL-A3.

Looking forward to giving Nightlong some repeat business one day when I buy some WP tube DTNVGs.
I also got a "Blem"-marked PVS-14 from Ryan @ Nightlong, about a year ago.

It works really well, and has great resolution, even compared to several agency-supplied "Mil-spec" (Unknown tube manufacturer) PVS-14's. The blemishes in the Nightlong-supplied tube appear to consist of only three small black specks.

Definitely worth checking out.


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I recently worked with Steele Industries Inc. Dominick is a young dude, but extremely knowledgeable. I bought some L-3 20UA WP unfilmed DTNVGs. He was extremely prompt and the craftsmanship was well done.