NEW Langdon Tactical 92 Elite RDO Pistol and Slide Milling



Really can’t overstate my excitement for this. I saw rumors of this on pistol forum something like a year and a half ago, and have put off buying a beretta for this very reason.

I know for a fact that I’m getting one of these, but there are two things I can’t decide on. The first is full size or centurion? Langdon has stated that the centurion has become his go to, and it can only be speculated that it’s for the same reason the g45, or commander size 1911s are popular (i.e. faster slide tracking=better dot acquisition?) The other thing I can’t choose is whether I want to buy a LTT Elite for 1500, or do I want a cheaper 92x with trigger job and have them mill the slide before they ship it to me?

I realize that in doing so I’d miss out on some of the greatness of the LTT Elite, like the beveling and the slide serrations, But I’m not terribly worried about those. The dot seems like a much more important upgrade to me than either of them.

Optics-ready pistols and slide customization for your current 92 series pistol now available!
I know this thread is old at this point, but I couldn't help but chime in; hopefully it'll restart some conversation.

I got the Compact slide milled for RDO, and it has been fantastic, although I've only been able to put about 250 rounds through it since getting my 507C mounted to it. I liked it enough I ordered one for my full size as well. The ammunition so far has been 124gr hand-cast powder coated reloads due to the current ammo climate, and a handful of Speer Gold Dot 124's to confirm function.

Its very exciting to see some modern innovation brought to a design that I enjoy but that has been somewhat 'left behind' in the modern striker-fired world.