Need a smith for 1903 and 1894 work gents.

Don't worry, I've made sure I'm good to go to post this. I need a smith for a couple non duty guns that can put out good work for me.

The first is a 1903 sporter. I had a guy in town that said he could work on it, but he has disappeared, and the guys on the CMP board seem to only want to work on guns that are being put back to original spec. This is a good number 1903 receiver that is a shooter. I'm looking for someone to drill and tap for the EGW 1903 scope base, profile the bolt handle for use with a scope, and do the M70 safety conversion. I have all of the parts. Also need to spin off the old barrel and spin on a criterion barrel, finish ream, chop the barrel, and maybe thread the muzzle (Waiting for contour specs). Right now the rifle has a very worn blue job, and I would like to find someone to parkerize it, and spray a ceracoat job.

Also need a smith that can work on a pre-64 Win 1864 lever gun in 30-30. My first rifle. The action has always been a little gritty. Looking to slick up the action, and get the mag tube fixed or replaced. Hunted with this rifle for over 20 years, and wore out the coating inside the mag tube. I can't keep it from rusting up, and not feeding. Also needs the hot bluing redone, and the stock set redone.

What say you P&S? Does anyone know who can knock these out?


On the 1903, the work sounds extensive enough that barring crazy sentimental value, you would be better off just buying a new Model 70 Winchester in the caliber of your choice.

You will end up dropping around a grand into this rifle to get that work done and still have a heavy, average, obsolete action with a tolerable trigger, and relatively non existent modern stock options. The juice ain't worth the squeeze. And at the end of the day, you will still have a 4-500 dollar rifle. Them lemons don't make much juice.

If sentimental value is in play, will it still be the same gun that Uncle Willy shot doves, elk and Japs with if it has a new barrel, a scope mounted on a 1913 rail, a new paint job and modern safety?

I would leave it alone, appreciate it for the interesting relic it is and buy what you really want, or trade it into what you really want.

The custom road is bad enough without using a non starter action as a foundation.

Your 1894 on the other hand, can be relatively easily and inexpensively rehabbed. You can do most of the work yourself, except the hot blueing.

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If you haven't had the work done already, as I know this post is old, PM me. I know several guys that would be willing to take on both projects, and a few that specialize in them.