NCIS Hiring Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,
NCIS will be publishing a hiring announcement via for GS-1811 Special Agents at 0001 EDT Monday, 17Oct (midnight Sunday), which will close at 2359 EDT Wednesday, 19Oct (midnight Wednesday). Some points for consideration:

First, I'm not a recruiter. I will do the best I can to answer questions relating to the job and hiring process. Second, I will have no visibility on your application once you submit it.

You must not be older than 37 at the time of hiring, unless you have creditable 6c covered time. If you don't know what 6c is, you likely don't have it.

You must have at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Your major doesn't matter, but some carry more weight than others, such as cyber, forensics, accounting, jurisprudence, foreign languages, etc.

You must be TS/SCI eligible.

The process will start with the application, a written test, an oral board, a background investigation, then a full-scope polygraph. We expect this process to take six months to a year, with the benchmark being six months.

In accordance with current executive order and DoD requirements, this announcement will only be open to those who are current federal employees or veteran preference eligible. You'll need to provide substantiating documentation during the application process.

We will be hiring at the GL-07 level, plus locality and law enforcement availability pay (LEAP). Special Agents journeyman at GS-13 in five years. Employees get TSP matching (4.5%), paid leave (annual, sick, and military), and subsidized medical and dental insurance. Retirement eligibility comes at 20 years, at 34% of your high three year average. Each year beyond 20 nets an additional 1% per year, and you can buy back your qualifying active duty military time at 1% per year.

The announcement will be for multiple vacancies throughout CONUS, with eligibility for OCONUS posts two years after hiring (after probation). Be advised, NCIS has a mobility policy and can force move you any time they see fit, and we do force move a small number of personnel every year. That said, it is not unreasonable to stay in one spot for 10 years, and we've had some stay in one spot their entire career, but that's rare. We're also required to deploy with the military, which means going out on surface and sub-surface vessels, or deploying into a contingency area with a conventional or SOF ground combat unit. In the history of our agency, we've always had sufficient volunteers for these deployments, so we've never had to force someone to go. Of course, there are opportunities to be assigned to external agencies and task forces as well.

Overall, the work is very diverse and rewarding. If you're interested and would like to know more about our mission and opportunities, you can visit our website at Thank you.