Muncie Threat Assessment Center


Hey everyone, I've taken way too long to get on here and announce our new facility. Located off the highway in Muncie Indiana, we are an indoor shoot house for FOF/RBT. Classroom, 3600 sqft simulated furnished home, instructor catwalks, a vehicle, breaching door and a 20 yd open range. We have access to live fire 2.5 miles away.
Our focus is to rent to instructors, LE/Mil, companies and to fill the gaps we have a small training staff for armed citizen training. We have 16 Glock 17/19s a Sig P320C, a couple of revolvers, and about 30 M4/AR-15 bolts. We feature UTM and keep plenty in stock for 5.56 and 9mm MMR and blanks. We also have 10 protective UTM helmets, protective gear, including gloves on hand. There are pictures on our website, I can send you a floorplan via email and ther is more information on our social media.
I hope to be of service for your agency or training company soon! -Eric McBride
3800 E. McGalliard Rd.
Muncie, IN 47303