MSP red dot fundamentals 03-19/20 Harris County, TX

This class was hosted by TTPOA and the Harris County (Houston) TX Sheriff’s Department.

What more can be said about Scott and MSP? If you carry a red dot mounted handgun....TAKE THIS CLASS! You don’t really know what you are doing with it yet.

The class is awesome and will get you up to speed on the fundamentals of using the handgun mounted red dot.

That said if you think you knew what you were doing all these years think again. You will pick up new methods of doing things and they work!

Scott takes individual time with each student in the class (I certainly needed more than others). You will he pushed to the limit of your ability.

Scott is a good dude who takes the time to answer questions and explain the answers not just preach a singular dogma.

I’m certain the information gained in this class will help us implement a solid red dot policy in my agency.