Moving Targets

Hey this is AM243, I'm working a joint service program, need as much data on how people are shooting movers. PM me and I will give email. Trying to get guys to hit at distance on movers with better first round hits.

Thanks, TW
What you are asking is difficult. Are you working LEO or Mil? What ranges are you considering long range? What speeds are you looking at, just a simple walk or form a slow patrol walk to a full on 5 to 6 sec rush? ONly lateral across your fron or are you looking at angular movement as well? Things to think about as it changes what and how you will teach it.
Collection of data from all sources we can. Working on new joint program I will send you a note about it. Plan to visit 37 at the end of the month. Hitting Marsoc, Benning, Quantico, all the sites.