Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit $25.99 Delivered Amazon Prime Today


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I received an email today....notification from Amazon that my orders were canceled due to "Technical problem".
I have sent emails to Amazon and Mountain House CS asking them to honor price. I will update as it goes and I apologize for recommending a bad deal.

Heard back from MH....
Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately we do not sell on Amazon, so that order would not have been cancelled by us. The product page itself will say Mountain house since we are the manufacturer; however, you'll notice on the right hand side it will say "ships by____ and sold by____" to tell you who it was purchased from. Your order confirmation may also say who the seller is.

You'll want to either directly contact Amazon or the Third Party Seller on Amazon regarding this order as we do not have any visibility into their system.

If you'd like to order directly from us you can certainly place an order on our site. We hope you are able to get your issue with Amazon resolved. "

So much for that.
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