Mossberg Shockwave

When the Mossberg Shockwave was introduced I personally considered it a novelty item at best and a danger to the shooter at the worst. However, recently I have been hearing more influential gun folks including P&S's own Steve F. and maybe even Jordan hinting to owning and using one. Were my first impressions correct or does this thing have any practical or serious uses outside of the fun factor? Personally I find it hard to see where the Shockwave does anything as good or better than a standard shotgun.


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It can make a nice non-NFA breaching shotty if you are big enough to handle the extra couple of inches of barrel length and your ballistic breacher doesn’t run a full size shotty as a primary.

Aside from that I am a pistol/carbine guy.


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Did the research and ran out the edit window.

The "Cruiser" is 31" overall and the Shockwave version is about 26.5".

So as Mike said above, at worst it's possibly a breaching gun that doesn't require NFA paperwork. At best it's as "good" as a pistol-gripped pump and easier to stow in boat/RV/whatever.

An AR with a Law folder is still better IMHO.


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SB Tactical makes stabilizing arm braces for the Shockwave and Tac-14. If you put an SB brace on a Tac-14 DM or the mag-fed Mossberg shockwave, now you have a sub-18" scattergun with no ammo capacity limitations and super fast reloads.

Tac-14 DM.jpg

tac-14 brace.jpg

I know, I know, AR is best, but does this start encroaching upon the realm of usefulness?
This is from Gabe Suarez. Yes, I am well aware he is shilling for products he sells. Anyways, part of the problem with shotgun classes is that they want you to use it like a rifle. It is a piss poor rifle. That being said, they were shooting slugs at 50-100 yards with the rem tac 14 version.

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The best part about these things is the price.
For $300ish dollars, they're fairly expendable. There's something to be said about that.

Would've liked to have had one on the farm back in the day to have on the ATV for dispatching small varmints encountered while doing chores. A .22lr pistol was fine but was a bit too "sporting" for a running ground squirrel at 15y and something now like a 10/22 backpack is handy only in its disassembled configuration.


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What shortcomings are still present that need fixing before it can be an acceptable option? Can you elaborate?
All of the usual shortcomings we talk about when comparing pump shotguns to carbines, combined with an unproven feeding device and a poor substitute for a stock considering the recoil.

It's not about fixing the shottie's shortcomings and trying to turn it into an AR; it's about choosing the right tool for the job.